Greenwings Biomedical                Exceptional innovations. Exceptional ventures.

Greenwings Biomedical incubates exceptional
biomedical innovations into exceptional ventures.

We translate promising biomedical inventions and technologies from research projects into successful products, and bring these to the market by either getting the projects acquired in early-exit transactions or launching independent, commercial ventures.

Our focus is on biomedical devices, software and digital-health products enabled at their core by highly innovative algorithms and software-based intelligence.

Of particular interest are solutions that will significantly improve the cost and quality of healthcare by advancing clinician productivity, clinical decision support, personalized medicine, non-invasive therapy, coordination of care, and patient management and engagement. Some examples are diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices; medication management; telemedicine; healthcare information systems; analytics and data visualization; bioinformatics; and quantified-self and wearable devices.

We license intellectual property from universities and corporations, and partner with individual inventors. In full collaboration with the original researchers and inventors, our multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, engineers, clinicians and subject-matter experts closes the gap between the earliest stages when ideas are still in the lab and the creation of clinically validated, commercial-ready products.

Our first major value-creating milestone in every project is to develop a product that demonstrates clinical and market viability. The second major milestone is to attract capital and an A-team to launch the project as an independent venture. The third major milestone is for the launched venture to bring its products to market. And the fourth major milestone is the liquidity event that provides a return to shareholders.

The ultimate milestone is to make large, positive differences in people's lives.