Greenwings Biomedical

What we do and how we do it


Greenwings Biomedical translates promising biomedical inventions and technologies
from research projects into successful products, and brings these to the market by
either getting the projects acquired in early-exit transactions or launching independent,
commercial ventures.




Big picture

We develop biomedical devices, software and digital-health products enabled at their core by highly innovative algorithms and software-based intelligence.

We accept "gem in the rough" intellectual property that is too early for venture funding. 

Original researchers and inventors work in our projects as scientists and engineers, not executive managers, which is a role we assume.

Target problems

Significantly improve the cost and quality of healthcare by advancing:

Clinician productivity

Clinical decision support

Personalized medicine

Non-invasive therapy

Coordination of care

Patient management and engagement

Target solutions (partial list)

Diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices

Medication management


Healthcare information systems

Analytics and data visualization


Quantified-self and wearable devices              


From lab to market, and everything in between to accomplish four major value-creating milestones:
1. Develop a product that demonstrates clinical and market viability.
2. Attract capital and an A-team to launch the project as an independent venture.
3. Bring products to market.
4. Reach a liquidity event that provides a return to shareholders.

Four-phase approach:

Find and filter

First-pass assessment of how well intellectual property we are shown by universities, corporations, research labs and individuals matches our sweet spot. This includes determining if the original researchers and inventors are ready, willing and able to collaborate with us in the incubation process.

Real-Win-Worth assessment and execution plan

For each technology and invention filtered during the first phase, determine if it can be the foundation for products that are real, with which we can win, and that are worth pursuing. It's primarily an assessment of clinical and market potential.

This entails ideating an envisioned product and estimating its value proposition to customers, and assessing a path to exit that includes determining prospective customer purchasing criteria, pricing and reimbursement strategies, competitors, partners, regulatory hurdles, market size, freedom to operate, time to market, time to exit, and acquirers.

If the assessment is positive, formulate a go-to-market execution plan with detailed value-creating milestones, and the projected resources that will be required to meet the milestones.

This phase lasts up to six months.


This is the incubation's heavy lifting. Greenwings Biomedical is the venture's executive management during the entire phase, which may last up to three years.

Key value-creating milestones are designing and creating proofs of concept, pre-production prototypes and production candidates; conducting clinical and user validation studies; and submitting to the FDA.

Steps include executing license agreements and patent applications; incorporating the venture; assembling the project's scientific and engineering team, that will likely include the original researchers and inventors; and seeking strategic partnerships, grants and equity financing to supplement our investment in the project. 

Launch -- or early exit

Once the venture is ready to launch, we guide the transition from development to commercial operation, including the recruitment of the launch CEO and executive team, and raising launch capital. During this phase Greenwings Biomedical relinquishes its role as the venture's executive management.

As an alternative to launching as an independent venture, we actively consider early exits.